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Thrones is back baby, and with it comes the near certain demise of beloved characters. Now that we have reached the penultimate season, the writers are going to have to stop coughing up awaited answers and untimely deaths. In that spirit, for your reading pleasure I have gathered up the top ten most likely to bite the arrow shaped bullet in this year’s most likely to die. Have fun kids. (more…)


Ah February. Love is in the air and the chocolate prices don’t care. Luckily movies are here to ease the pain. But they’re more than just that; some movies have a knack for getting us in the mood for the secks. My personal favorite part of Valentine’s Day, but to each their own. Every V Day needs a V night, so to help with that I put together this handy list of steamy/romantic movies just for you. You’re welcome. (more…)