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Time to wrap up Season 3 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead with some super family drama filled zombie slaying.


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The Mass Effect saga is one of the best game series in history. Expertly mixing storytelling as well as captivating gameplay, the games are pioneers in the industry. However, that’s not what makes them truly stand out in my opinion. Though the wide breadth of story is admirable, the sheer amount of freedom you are given is more so. Not just in physical exploration, but in social and personal form as well, Mass Effect gives you the opportunity to explore yourself in a way that real life may not necessarily allow or at least approve of. And that’s what makes it great. (more…)

It’s time to cry again with Clementine and newcomer Javi in the latest episode of Telltale’s Walking Dead. Tell me which part made you feel on Twitter @reeldudereviews!

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Hastily written by Mason Manuel

PSX is gone and behind us but it left some stunning bombshells in its wake, mostly through developer Naughty Dog products. We got a look at a remastered Crash Bandicoot (being remastered by a different developer but the IP is still with ND) and an interesting look at an expansion of the Uncharted universe following fan favorite character Chloe and certified badass/asshat Nadine with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Then the big one; The Last of Us numero dos. After being such a successful product of the developer’s, and having so many demand for a continuation of the heartbreaking tale it logically only makes sense that Naughty Dog should further explore that universe. But should they though? (more…)

No one comes after me and mine. The Brotherhood gets what they deserve!

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Playtime is over nerds

I may have slightly peed my pants during this one. I have failed you internet

arkPrepare for Knightfall

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

            There was a time when the involvement of Batman meant certain death for video games. There was no one who could seemingly grasp the true unstoppable force of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego while still accounting for his most prevalent weakness of not being a super powered being. Even if they could, no one could find a way to make a player feel that they had control over the awesome might of the Batman. And then the players were gifted with Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and superhero games would never be the same again. I would argue that no one has even come close to reaching the standard that Rocksteady has created for their Batman saga and I strongly doubt we will see one soon. Because now we have the finale to Rocksteady’s Batman trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight and holy s**t, it’s a beauty. (more…)