Mason Manuel
Editor in Chief

Welcome to RDR! This blog is where my writers and I share our thoughts on movies, games, and all other awesomeness that is out there. Film and games are particularly close to my heart which is why I decided to start RDR. Whenever the world kind of beats us down, these stories told on screen I feel bring us together. Not all movies and games are happy stories but good ones have relatable characters that grow and change through their tough ordeals. I feel that if we try hard enough that can be how real life works too. I left college with a concentration in film production and directing and today work freelance jobs. When I’m not busy working I head over to what is basically a shrine to gaming in my personal man cave and do all those fun let’s plays you see posted sometimes. My favorite five movies would be Whiplash, The Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (seriously who wasn’t dead inside by the end of that film??) and The Phantom of the Opera because dammit, I’m a softie. Top five is too hard for games so I’ll just say my top three are The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, Halo CE, and The Last of us. If you have any questions or have any interest in collaborating, please look at our contact page! We would love to hear from you. Thank you for swinging by and I hope you have an awesome time checking out our shenanigans.

–Mason Manuel

Nicholas Vandeloecht
Staff Writer
Nicholas Vandeloecht is a sports writer and editor at a Virginia daily newspaper. Nicholas has been a journalist since 2012 and an editor since Dec. 2013. In a short time he has won nine Virginia Press Association Awards for sports and news writing and newspaper/magazine design. Nicholas was able to enter the field of journalism through the work he did as a video game news writer and reviewer for Evan Butler’s now-defunct entertainment website thoseguys.tv. Nicholas in 2016 renewed his longtime love with movies, making the theater his hobby when he’s not covering sports assignments out in the field. Nicholas’ favorite foods are pizza, cheeseburgers and cheesecake.
Courtney Adkisson
Guest Writer

I have been writing since I was 6. I’m not kidding, you can ask my parents. Writing is a great part of my life. Some days I’m writing for hours whether it’s something original or Fan Fiction. However, writing is only a small part of how I analyze stories and tell my own. I am in fact a fine artist, a musician and more recently graduated as a filmmaker. I only hope and dream to make my stories viral. I want people to enjoy good twists and turns, feel engaged and really see the details that I see. I’m one of those weird people that if I listen to music I see a film in my head…every time. I watch a movie and not only see the movie but see other stories that aren’t told (hence how I started on Fan Fiction). I love creating characters, conflict, drama and just enjoying my first inspirations (books and movies of course!) Sometimes writing is a love/hate relationship, something I fear about being judged. But then I say well what’s the worse that people say about your story or opinion. As soon as I hit publish it’s worth it. I love having an artistic voice, and I hope to be a film writer or even a novelist. Speaking of, I am in fact creating my own fantasy series (second draft of first book yay!). But overall I need something to do on my free time. I play games, watch movies, learn software and just an overall geek. I also love hearing how people think of my work. If you like my work fantastic, if you don’t that’s okay. I still get to write my story for someone in the end and I just do it for fun!

–Courtney Adkisson

Tim Lilly
Podcast Co-Host

Tim Lilly co-hosts the Game of Thrones Podcast with Mason, showcased on RDR and coretemparts.com. You can find his work every monday, right here on the site with the TV Ate My Brain Podcast.



4 Time Liebster Award Winner


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    Just found your blog, and I’m enjoying it so far. Will definitely keep an eye out for your posts!

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