Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star in Passengers, a sci-fi love story from the director of The Imitation Game. Being that these are two of my most favorite actors I can’t wait to see this! Check out the trailer below courtesy of Sony Pictures.

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Sully is the Captain Now

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Reviewed by Mason Manuel

A great film is normally so because it is greater as a sum of its parts rather than relying on one novel idea. The same could be said of the famed incident dubbed “The Miracle on the Hudson.” For those unfamiliar, on January 15th, 2009, a commercial airliner lost both engines and was forced to make a controlled descent into the Hudson River. The captain of the plane, Chesley Sullenberger (A.K.A. Sully) masterfully landed in the extreme conditions and managed to do so without losing a single passenger. But none of that would have been possible had it not been for his capable co-pilot, the coast guard, multiple ferrymen, and brave passengers that helped follow and execute emergency procedures.  Sully may focus on the titular captain but rather than become a melodramatic biopic the film works hard to give credit to all whom it is due and become something more. Read the rest of this entry »

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Maybe Should Have Stayed Dead

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

The past few years have been chock full of frenzied studios rebooting beloved franchises with mixed success. Every one of them was met with a mix of well-deserved pessimism and excitement before release as we have all been hurt before by heartless cash grabs trying to make a quick buck off of fond childhood memories. But the Ghostbusters situation was a bit different. Any excitement was quickly nodded off by many angry internet commenters screaming at how the film was just a lame attempt at pacifying today’s politically correct culture and not an attempt to build upon a great franchise. Though wholly unfair, the complaints had a ring of truth behind them. Would the film be a simple “power to women” piece rather than a re-imagination of a cool idea with a funny female cast? As it turns out, the new team of Ghostbusters are actually a hell of a good time. The movie however… probably should have stayed in the crypt. Read the rest of this entry »

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Just Keep Swimming

Nostalgic reboots seem to have a curse of sorts. I’m not talking about meeting fan hype or even being committed to the original material, rather, I am talking about long awaited sequels/reboots retreading the exact same steps as the original in an attempt to recapture the magic. That does not necessarily mean that the sequel will be a poor film, but it does leave a great deal to be desired. Such is the case with films like The Force Awakens, Point Break, and unfortunately Finding Dory. Though the long awaited Pixar adventure is more than enjoyable, the over-familiar plot makes for a black mark on an otherwise beautiful piece of art. Read the rest of this entry »

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When Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland hit theatres in 2010, Disney was rushing to make live action remakes of all of their older, more popular animated features. Though it was met with mixed review, the film at least had the good sense to bring a bit more darkness into a world filled to the brim with lunatics. The larger problems of two dimensional characters and incoherent storytelling could be forgiven for bringing author Lewis Carrol’s whimsical world back to life. While the first film may have possessed the allure of being a new spin on an old tale, Through the Looking Glass is nothing but a cash grab hoping that the same formula will work twice. Though the created CGI world does admittedly look impressive, the terrible story cohesion and character writing makes for a tale best left on the bookshelf. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sic Parvis Magna

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

I had been forced behind flimsy cover in the form of a stump that was being disintegrated by bullets by enemy forces. My primary weapon was clicking on empty and my subpar pistol was close to following suit. Frantically looking around for escape, I saw only one option. With fingers crossed, I sprinted away from my homey stump (which had all but been shredded into a twig) and jumped straight off a ledge. But Nathan Drake is far from suicidal. With a lucky throw, my multipurpose grappling hook snags a tree branch and flings me straight into enemy territory, allowing me to perform a kickass superman punch on an enemy soldier. Without pressing any buttons Drake suavely picks up the enemy’s rifle full of yummy ammo with a cocky “let’s do this” for good measure. Completely unscripted, with next to no helping hands from in game mechanics, this scene illustrates the beautiful combat developer Naughty Dog has created to make their best game ever, and quite possibly the best of the year. Read the rest of this entry »

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A House Divided

Reviewed by Mason Manuel

Good ol’ Cap is back and better than ever. As is Iron Man… and Vision, and Ant Man, and so on and so on. Captain America might get a bit overshadowed in his own film, but Civil War takes the underlying clashing ideologies of each character and fleshes them out to great depth, resulting in smart resolution or entertaining conflict. The Russo Brothers, high off of their Winter Soilder fame, come back to direct yet another one of Marvel’s best films to date, with awesome action, relatable characters, and a surprisingly large amount of heart. If not for a somewhat sloppy third act Captain America: Civil War would be damn near perfect, but there is still plenty to love in this latest adventure. Read the rest of this entry »

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